Ocean Tidal Power as Renewable Energy

For those who have ever been to the sea, you were more than likely fascinated by the phenomena of the waves crashing against the shorelines as the tides came in. The ocean’s tides are the manufactured from gravitational pull of the sun and the moon, as well as, the Earth’s rotation. More »

Do You Know These Types of Marine Life

Marine life is all kinds of living creatures that are in the ocean, it can be divided into various types, either animals or plants. Research conducted revealed that life under the sea in a difficult save a million mysteries disclosed. More »


Landscaping Ideas for a Small Backyard

If you have a backyard that is small, landscaping would play a very important role in making your home look better. Landscaping can help you to create that personal space along with increasing the value of your home. The main idea when landscaping your small backyard is to give an illusion of having sufficient space. Even the smallest detail can make a big difference in the appearance of your backyard.

One important thing to remember when doing a small backyard landscaping project is that you should not go overboard but decorate it sparsely. It can be a weekend home improvement project. If you do not want to do the work you can call a commercial landscape management company to do the designing and work for you. Some of the things that you can add to your small backyard to help transfer it into a beautiful cozy space are to add decorative statuettes or sculptures, natural rocks, plants, garden waterfalls, and more.

Before you start your project you do need some type of plan because if not you could end up with a mess. No plan could make your backyard look disorganized or cluttered. Having a budget will help to make sure that in the middle of the project you do not run out of money, leaving the backyard half finished. If you have children or pets you also need to consider them because they will need places to play.

The next step is to choose a focal point. This is essential so you can create the backyard that you want. Some small backyards have natural focal points like views of the sea, mountains, or meadows while others do not so you will have to create a focal point. You can make your own focal point by choosing small statues, birdbaths, flowers and plants, and even trees. Once you have your focal point you can start landscaping the rest of your backyard. When doing the landscape make sure that it will attract attention to the focal point you have picked out.

You must have flowers and plants in your landscape to make the yard look comfortable and cozy. When you choose flowers and plants for your small backyard be sure to choose ones that have suitable color and leaf size. Choosing plants that have similar colors will give your backyard a luxurious look. You should also add some accessories such as small lawn furniture. To save space choose two-seat arrangements. Use a patio umbrella if you do not have much shade in the area. When choosing planters and houseplants makes sure that they match the patio furniture in terms of color, placement, and size. With backyard landscaping remember that the primary key is simplicity, not flamboyancy.

About the author:

This article is penned by Avisha Jain who is a home improvement professional and has worked with a few home improvement companies over the years. Mathis Outdoors Inc. are the experts when it comes to commercial landscape management and turf application treatments. The company started by Cory Mathis in 2004 today has over 400 residential and commercial clients and delivers ideal landscape management solutions in Newnan, GA.

One of the Best Sales Techniques Around

We hear all the time about all sorts of techniques for closing people in sales situations, and other approaches that are designed for us salespeople to gain more business with our customers and prospects, too. While some of these approaches can be useful, there’s just no substitute for whats considered one the best sales techniques around. That being:
Building great rapport with your customers and prospects, and having them feel you’re 100% committed to helping them attain their needs, wants, and desires .

But this is not how many salespeople are doing it in their own businesses right now, is it?

Frequently people will get into sales because they see it as a way to make big money. But they then fall into the routine of being forceful in their sales approaches, trying to move the customer in the direction that’s best for the salesperson.

The unfortunate reality is these salespeople don’t realize their customers can see what they’re up to. Somehow these salespeople feel they’re not telegraphing what they’re doing in any way that can be detected by the customer or prospect they’re working with.

With this in mind, just once I’d like to be in a clothing store and hear a salesperson say to the customer, “You know, that doesn’t look very good on you at all.”

Any salesperson that would tell me this would instantly raise their level of credibility!

Yet there are a great many salespeople out there trying to steer their prospects towards doing deals that may not be the best ones for the prospects, but they’re the best ones for the salespeople instead. And once your prospect picks up on this behavior, your relationship with the person is sunk. Now you’ve become just someone who sells to them, but they know now that they can’t trust your judgment and opinion. They have to determine whether or not the product or service will work for them completely independent of anything you now say to them.

The type of salesperson we all want to work with is someone we like who we feel has their number one priority being serving our best needs. When we both like someone and feel they’re committed to serving our best interests, we naturally just feel ourselves wanting to work with them.
The same applies for you, too, in your own business.

As an example, do you think if you were the one looking to buy or lease product or service that you could sense if the rep you were working with had your best interests in mind above their own? If your answer to this is “Yes,” don’t you think the same applies with your own customers and prospects, too? Don’t you think they can sense if you’re serving their best interests or looking out for your own commission?

Sometimes, for whatever reason, we don’t feel our customers and prospects share our same intuitive qualities in this arena. And it can cost us big time, too, if we haven’t already become the kind of salesperson who always puts their needs before our own.

Make sure you’re adept at developing great rapport with your customers and prospects, and make sure they always understand that serving their best interests is constantly your number one priority.
Once you’ve mastered this in your own business, people will sense that you’re the best choice they could ever make when it’s time for them to buy.

Best of luck to you out in the field

How to Become a Successful Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is otherwise known as undercover or secret shopping. Mystery shopping is a business activity aimed to improve customer satisfaction. To carry out the process a mystery shopper is engaged by the business owner to find out how the mystery shopper is getting treated or gets products and services in the business unit. The feed back from the mystery shopper is got in the form of a report to improve the services or treatment. The mystery shopper too benefits either as he gets products or services free of cost for conducting such an inspection. Internet is a place where such kinds of jobs are abundant in nature. The nice thing about this job is that anyone can become a mystery shopper or can be hired as mystery shopper. Mystery shopping is not limited to only buying products, it can involve getting a new haircut, or gambling, or traveling to a place, or dinning in a restaurant or even finding out the customer service offered at a work place. The next best thing about mystery shopping is that the companies do not charge any kind of registration fees.

Tips on becoming a successful mystery shopper:

Since there is no fee involved for registration, a person can register with many mystery shopping companies, so that he gets a fair chance to mystery shopping. The manuals, training and instruction are all free of cost. This will enable find out the difference between genuine mystery shopping company and a fake one.

When the person gets his first assignment, it has to be utilized in such a way that the person gets more and more assignments from the company. The success in getting mystery shopping assignments lies on the acceptance of the assignment within short notice, complete it within the time limit and submit the feedback or report in a professional way.

Even though mystery shopping may seem to be a fun filled activity, it calls for a professional approach to the whole activity. Commitment to the job is very essential. If the commitment cannot be met within the time frame, rescheduling or extension can be requested.

A genuine mystery shopping company or agency will reimburse the money spent on shopping and also for the service provided by the mystery shopper. Even though experience provides enough earnings, many mystery shoppers do this as a part time work and consider it as a secondary source of earning.

It is also a good idea to apply with scheduling companies as they work with many mystery shopping companies. The scheduling companies normally provide a challenging task and more earning for doing so, than the original company.

A great tip is to become an ace mystery shopper. This can be achieved by developing a good relationship with a particular company and perform the jobs with utmost care and perfection. To become an ace mystery shopper may take time and it is only worth doing with reputed companies. The mystery shopper should keep his eyes always open and do the best job.

If the person gets certified through the mystery shopping providers association, he has a better chance of getting hired than others. Attending seminars on this field will also enhance the chance of developing good contacts with mystery shopping schedules, who will provide jobs in turn.

Getting To Yes: Asking The Right Questions

See how many of the following questions you can adapt to your own sales efforts.

Situation : Despite making a good sales presentation, the customer remains uninvolved.

Your Question: “Based on the data, it looks like you can save $90,000 a year with this solution.
What needs to be done before you are completely comfortable with this?”

Situation: The client agrees that there are still a number of items that need to be cleared up
before he can make a commitment.

Your Question: “Before we get into this in any depth, can I get your agreement on the data results?
Will you look at the facts and decide for yourself if they make sense?”

Situation : The customer says he is considering one of your competitors.

Your Question: “Yes, that is a good company. But we are different.
Would you like to know why?”

Now, before you move on to pricing, you must have a commitment from your client that there is nothing other than affordability that would prevent them from saying YES. Never omit this step.
I realize that this is the scariest thing to say to a client because you are often unsure of the answer.

You are nearing the end of your presentation now and it’s time to tie everything together. This process begins with reiterating the client main issues.

Ask yourself:

1. What have you found throughout the presentation that excites your client the most?
2. What is their most painful problem you can solve?
3. What are their deepest desires?

The answers to those questions are what you will cover here. If you have done a thorough presentation. You should have the answers to all of those questions

Get Agreement

Once the client is fully engaged, it’s time to get the final agreement. Once again, we reach this agreement with commitment questions. Here the questions may be more open ended where you allow the client to give a fuller answer than just agreeing with you.

Open-ended questions give the client a chance to fully express why they feel that your product is right for them. They will be saying to you many of the things you have said to them during the presentation if you have done a good presentation.

When you ask these questions it will either be time to finish the sale or the client will come up with an objection you will need to address. Either way, this is another time where you need to be very conscious of the personality type of your client.

Situation : You have come to the end of the sales presentation.

Your Question: “What question should I be asking that I’m not asking?”

Any Objections?

Depending on the way your company markets, you may have clients that are already predisposed to wanting your product. Even with this high degree of interest, you may still encounter objections.

Doing an in-depth investigation of your client’s needs and desires in the beginning of your presentation is key to not having objections at the end of your presentation.

The better you know your client the more likely it is that you will cover any potential objections
before they even come to the mind of your client.

Don’t forget to continually ask why when you get an initial answer to a question. That one word can make a world of difference in you getting to the real needs of your client.

Objections decrease as you become more proficient at covering possible objections in the body of your presentation so they never come up at all.

Situation: The sales presentation is over. It is time to ask for the sale with one last question.

Your Question: “Why don’t you give it a try?”

YES, they want to move forward with your product. Congratulate them on taking the one action that will improve their life this year.

They should thank you for taking your time to show them exactly how your product will work for them.

You have provided a valuable service to your client and that should make you proud.

Be Prepared–Not every client will say YES.

Situation: Client declines your product or service.

Your Question: What is there that we can do to make it work for you?

Now it’s their turn to brainstorm your solution to their own problem.